Five Senses & Traditional/Modern Anniversary Gift Ideas

As Luke and I are approaching our two year anniversary I am was trying to think of something sweet and thoughtful to do, but I loved what I did so I’m going to do again! Last year I researched a bunch of ideas for our first anniversary and loved the 5 Senses Gift idea. The catch phrase used is “Being with you makes perfect SENSE! “ or “I love you with all my SENSES!”. Choose five unique gifts for your significant other’s senses: Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell, and Sound! This would also be a great idea for Valentine’s day or birthdays and works well for men and women. One of the best parts is you can customize the gifts to fit your significan other’s personality and style and they get to see how thoughtful and clever you are!

Below I have included what gifts I used last year along with what I am doing this year (Spoiler Alert! I have instructed Luke not to read this so he will still be surprised on our anniversary so don’t tell him so SHHH).

You will also find below what Luke did for me last year. He used the traditional and modern first anniversary gifts and got creative with it! Traditionally the first anniversary gift is paper and the modern version is a clock. For the second anniversary the traditional gift is cotton and the modern gift is china. He really surprised me last year and thats hard to do. I’ve share pictures of what he did below. Already past your second anniversary? Check out this link to see what other traditional/modern gifts there are for your year of marriage including the gemstone, color, and gift ideas. Anniversary Gifts By Year

My Five Senses Gifts to Him


Some of the things ing the pictures above we didn’t make or give tor each other, but we really like them and think they are creative gift ideas. The plaque of our wedding invitation to the far right was a gift from my mother-in-law. I love this because it always reminds me of our wedding and is a great gift idea. She got it from Holiday & Gifts Plano, TX. Another great place for personalized gifts is Things Remembered that we have used before. The framed board in the first picture with our names and a bible verse in it was given to us by my sister-in-law. She had a friend make it we love looking at it every day! These are just two ways to make gifts more personal!


Last year I got Luke some clothing he had been wanting.

This year I am getting Luke cotton socks that say “You still make my toes wiggle” on one sock and “C & P Two Years” on the other. You can personalize it with your own initials. I got them from The Home of the Thoughtful Gifts and that had many other gifts that you could use!

Other Ideas: Fleece robe, Sherpa blanket, custom blanket, silky boxers, pottery class, nice shaving kit, couples massage or give them a massage


Last year I created a play list for us to dance to that included our wedding song, Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett.

This year I am going to do the same, because I love dancing with my man!

Other Ideas: tickets to a concert or musical, engraved clock or pocket watch, their favorite songs on a playlist, if your musically talented sing or play an instrument


Last year I got Luke collogue. This was the most expensive gift I got him so you can do much cheaper. The reason I did this was because about a month before we were traveling and I packed his collogue for him not thinking about he was carrying on his luggage so they threw it away. The funny thing was it got through U.S. security, but didn’t make it back through Mexican security coming back from Cozumel.

This year I found a really cute candle at Bath and Body Works that says I Love You on the outside. Another idea I had was a cotton scented diffuser, but I love any excuse to by a candle!

Other Ideas: bath salts, massage oils, diffuser, cigar, personalized candle


Last year we got a complimentary first anniversary cake made by the bakery that make our wedding cake Panini Bakery & Cakes.

This year I am getting Luke a Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit and saying “For a man who likes his food as hot as his marriage”. I found this at Uncommon Goods and they have a lot of other unique gift items. He really like spicy foods so obviously if you don’t then then this idea doesn’t work.

Other Ideas: cook their favorite meal, cooking class, wine tasting, favorite dessert or meal, personalized wine glasses,


Last year I made a photo album of pictures from our first year of marriage together using Walmart’s Photo Center.

This year I am continuing to do the album because we enjoyed reminiscing over the previous year but also getting him/us a book called A Year With You: A Keepsake Journal for Two to Share from Target.

Other Ideas: Couples devotional, tickets to a sporting event, tickets to the aquarium or zoo, tickets to a concert, painting class.

His Traditional and Modern Gifts to Me

The traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper. Luke went on Etsy and found someone who was about to take one of his favorite wedding pictures of us and recreated it using the words from our wedding song that we had our first dance to Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. I wasn’t able to find the original person he ordered it from, but I found someone similar Words of My Heart that does custom portrait text art. I then had it framed with the actual picture next to it. There are also many other variations that including having your wedding song printed over a picture if you just do some searching on Etsy you will find a lot of great ideas!


The modern gift for our first anniversary is a clock. Luke too another one of our favorite wedding pictures and made it into a clock. He used a company called Things Remembered who had also made his groomsman gifts that were engraved class clocks. They have a lot of other great personalized gift options.


I hope you were able to get some gift ideas for your upcoming anniversary, birthday, wedding, or Valentines and please email me or comment on this blog post if you have any questions!